Our team at Luxfoods is dedicated to revolutionizing the Foodservice industry in Western Australia. Drawing upon our experience in hospitality, sales, and marketing, we offer a unique perspective that drives unparalleled business growth for our clients.

We pride ourselves on being more than just a sales force. As strategic partners for food manufacturers, we provide tailor-made sales activation models and innovative marketing strategies to ensure their success.

• Luxfoods proudly represents a variety of brands in Foodservice, including Edlyn Foods, Woods, Boneroasters, Green Wheat Freekah, Monde Nissin, Black Swan, Nudie, Wattle Valley, Lantmannen-Unibake, Schulstad, McCormicks Foodservice, Bundaberg Sugar, Kooka Brotha’s, 7 Chefs/Casa Della Pasta, Future Farms/Beyond Meat, Miss Chows, and The Iberians.